Printing Services

Print advertising campaigns typically consist of hard copy printed materials that allow you to engage with customers and can be found in a variety of places from newspapers and magazines, to flyers, brochures and certificates. Direct mail and leaflet campaigns are also examples of print advertising campaigns used by local businesses and catalogue-based companies wanting to connect with their target audience right at their doorstep.

At Pink Solutions, we work closely with you to identify and develop the print materials you need to promote your goods or services. By bringing snappy phrasing and eye-catching visuals to life, we can make your print ads stand out in ways that will motivate your audience to take action.

When you partner with Pink Solutions, you’ll have access to a team of professionals with experience across a range of industries. Trust us to conceptualise and create innovative and visual content that will leave a lasting and positive impression of your brand. Be it business cards or brochures, personal printing or large commercial enterprises print runs, our team ensures you get your product on time and within budget.

What We Provide

Print Design & Advertising Content

    • Much like graphic design, print design is a type of visual communication that conveys information to a target audience. Unlike graphic design however, print design is almost always transferred onto a physical medium like paper, cardboard, wood or even sheet metal.
    • Because print design engages your audience in a more personal and direct way, high-quality print advertising content is crucial to how customers see your brand, products and services which in turn influences sales.
    • Our team at Pink Solutions works with you to capture your vision and pull it together into a medium that matches your goals, target audience and budget.
    • Whether your idea is purely conceptual or you have a clear and stepped out plan for your next print advertising campaign, contact us here for a competitive and prompt quote. 

High Quality Digital Stationery Printing

  • Whilst the term may be new to some, digital stationery is best thought of as a digital asset that mimics paper in the real world. A common example might be a blank word document or an online birthday card template that you fill in with the words and images to suit your purposes
  • More and more people are using digital stationery to develop and refine their advertising collateral because a computer or tablet allows for correction and detail that physical pen and paper just can’t provide. 
  • At Pink Solutions, we have the expertise and technology to take your digital stationery and transfer it into high-quality collateral using our in-house Xerox digital press.
  • No job is too big or too small and we can work with a range of file formats. To achieve the best results, contact us to learn what file specifications translate into the best results.

    Print Materials & Equipment

      • The type of print campaign you need and level of printing quality required will dictate the type of print materials and equipment needed to produce the desired result. This takes sound industry knowledge and experience.
      • Getting the mix right is essential because print marketing is tactile, something your customers will hold in their hand and perceive as real. This connection will help you stand out and be noticed…….and if done right, will contribute to your brand identity being seen as reliable, trust-worthy and authentic. 
      • By matching materials, equipment and content perfectly, your print collateral can be an excellent addition to your online presence, providing enduring and consistent messaging that help your business stand out.
      • At Pink Solutions we offer a wide range of paper products to suit your needs, with stock from our huge supplier base.  We also have various finishing equipment to deliver a wide range of products in high quality.

    Digital & Offset Printing

      • The image and colour quality your job requires, the timeline you have in mind and number of units you’ll need will directly influence whether digital or offset printing is required.
      • Offset printing is used when larger quantities of clean, crisp, colourful and professional looking printing is required. Digital printing is the best choice when lower product quantities are required, or when printing collateral requires individualised data (think personally addressed newsletters as an example).
      • Regardless of the marketing collateral you have in mind, the design you have settled on, or the color scheme, copy and layout you have chosen, Pink Solutions have the expertise and technology to ensure the right printing technique is matched to your job.
      • At Pink Solutions, our Xerox digital press provides high quality prints for digital stationery and with access to trade price offset printing, no job is too big or too small.

    Print Services – Popular Items

    Official custom letterheads, business cards and labels are subtle but very effective tools that build brand recognition, professionalism and trust. By integrating your existing branding assets into all of your designs, we can create tailored, high definition products that will set you and your business apart.

    If you need assistance with designing your print collateral, contact us today to discuss your needs.

    Q & A’s

    What details should my print request include:

    • Description – what product do you require: Business card, Flyer, Letterhead etc.

    • Quantity – just roughly if you are unsure.

    • Type of finish –  Coated or uncoated paper, gloss or matte lamination, thickness of paper (GSM).

    • Time frame – our standard lead time is 5-10 working days, however we can accommodate rushed jobs (doesn’t hurt to ask anyway!)

    • Artwork – if you don’t already have artwork our design team can create it for you.  If you do have artwork, is it print ready?

    What type of files do I provide:

    We only accept the following file types:

    AI or EPS – the only time JPG or PDF files are accepted is if they are high resolution print ready files.

    We can not use JPG’s that have been converted to EPS – it must be the original EPS or AI source file.

    Who owns the files?

    You own everything that is designed by us.  As you have paid for the work, you have 100% ownership of the files to use for any future work that you may require, through us or other agencies.

    What is the difference in paper stock?

    Depending on the product being printed there can be specific paper stock that more suitable for the job. If you have any queries we are happy to help! Here are some of the standard stocks we use commonly.

    Business Cards: 360GSM, coated
    Letterheads: 120 GSM, coated 
    Gift Certificate: 360 GSM, either coated or uncoated 
    Brochures: 150 GSM, Coated


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